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We experienced the
problems and decided to
offer an alternative.

A market needing to evolve.

If you've spent any time at all around the vintage & pre-owned watch market, you know the type of experience offered. Inflated prices, unhelpful and pushy salespeople. Shady practices.

We saw this firsthand when we began buying and selling watches. An industry stuck in the past, rooted in outdated models and with attitudes from an era that no longer exists. 

Being a believer in the modern way of doing business, upfront, transparent and focused on providing value, instead of just trying to make a buck, we knew there was a better way.

When you focus on the experience, when you use technology to make the process more efficient and when you build relationships instead of transactions, you create a new way of doing business.

Buying and selling watches with Time Rediscovered should feel like working with an old friend. If we accomplish that, we've done our job.

This is our story.


Our Mission

To provide a fair, friendly & responsible platform to buy, sell & invest in vintage & pre-owned
watches and to usher in a new generation of vintage and pre-owned watch collectors.


We offer a fair way to buy, sell & invest in vintage watches by combining a low-cost business model and low margins. We can offer watches up to 30% cheaper (often more) and our offer prices for sellers are consistently the highest in the UK.


We believe buying or selling a vintage or pre-owned watch should be like dealing with a friend. We won't push you. We're always transparent in our dealings, even if it means sending you to a competitor.


We're driven by more than profit. Every member of our team wants to make a difference to the causes we support. Whether through our 1 Watch, 1 Life Initiative or our impact on the environment, we will always strive to do business ethically.

Selling Your
Vintage Watch

We believe selling vintage, or pre-owned luxury watches
should be quick and easy, getting you fair value for your watch.

Other stores will often offer 20%-30% of a watch's market value,
and traditional auctioneers take up to 40% on the sale.

As a private seller, you'll rarely get top dollar.


More money for you

We will pass on the savings from our low-cost, low-margin business model. We offer prices up to 50% higher than traditional dealers.

Quick & Easy

Contact us for an initial valuation. Once we agree on a price, you'll receive your money within 24hrs of us accepting your watch.


We'll not only offer transparent guidance and advice, but we'll send you to our competitors if we think that's the best option for you.

Same Day Pay-Out

Receive payment within 24 hours when you sell with us. We payout the same day we receive your watch.

Buying a Vintage
or Pre-Owned Watch

The "traditional watch store" experience is intimidating, restrictive, and over-priced for many of us.

That's why we make every effort to give you peace of mind and provide all the information we can get about every timepiece.


Up-to 30% Cheaper

We pass on the savings from our low-cost, low-margin business model. Meaning prices are up to 30% less than traditional dealers

1 Year Warranty

A guarantee on quality and a one year warranty on every watch we sell

14 Day Returns

No hassle returns within 14 days of purchase for total peace of mind

Fully Serviced

Every watch is serviced before sale, because "inspected" isn't good enough

Our B Corp Journey

B Corps (B Corporations) are mission-driven businesses that use their profits to help others. They conduct business in ways that benefit their employees, customers, communities, suppliers, and the environment, in addition to their shareholders. Time Rediscovered is proud to be on the path to B Corp certification. B Corps are part of a growing global community dedicated to balancing purpose and profit, thereby contributing to creating a better world while thriving as businesses.

5 Pillars



Inclusive and embedded values


Improving our environment stewardship


Managing value and impact for customers


Accountable and transparent


Generous with our time and resources in the community