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A Better Way to
Buy & Sell Vintage Watches

Buying or selling a vintage or pre-owned watch should be an easy and enjoyable process that leaves you feeling great about the whole experience. At Time Rediscovered, we work tirelessly to offer just such an experience.

We experienced the problems and decided to offer an alternative.

We were in your shoes. When we were buying and selling vintage watches ourselves, we ran into an industry with inflated prices and often unhelpful, untrustworthy sales people. We knew there had to be a better way, and so the idea of Time Rediscovered was born.

The idea itself was simple, to offer an easier, cheaper and more transparent way to buy and sell vintage watches. Ultimately we wanted to make working with Time Rediscovered just like working with a friend.

In the same way we believe a friend of yours might, we goto great lengths to make the experience of buying or selling a watch with us safe and enjoyable.

Buying a Vintage or
Pre-Owned Watch

We believe buying a vintage or pre-owned watch should be an enjoyable, engaging and refreshing experience. But many times the “traditional watch store” experience is intimidating, risky, complex and over-priced. That’s why we take every precaution to give you peace of mind and provide all the information we can about every timepiece.

Upto 30% Cheaper

Our lean, e-commerce model & low margins means our prices are often > 30% cheaper than traditional dealers.

1 Year Guarantee

Vintage watches can be temperamental, that's why all our watches come with a full 1 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

14 Days Returns

Sometimes a watch doesn't live upto expectations, that's why we offer a no-hassle 14 day returns policy.

Fully Serviced

Unlike most dealers that simply "inspect" watches, ours have received a full service

Selling Your Vintage
or Pre-Owned Watch

We believe selling a vintage or pre owned luxury watch should be quick, easy and maximise the money in your pocket. But many times a store will offer only 20%-30% of a watch’s market value, an auctioneer will take upto 40% on the sale and selling as a private seller you'll rarely get top dollar. But we offer an alternative:

Upto 50% More

We probably offer the best trade prices around, often upto 50% more than other dealers.

Cash Deal

For those looking for a quick sale, we offer a cash offer. Money in the bank as quick as 24hrs of initial contact.

Quick & Simple

Simply contact us for an initial valuation then receive your money within 24hrs of us receiving your watch.

Sale on Consignment

For those looking to maximise the price we offer sale on consignment.

To learn more about selling with us see our Sell Your Watch page.

One Watch, One Life
Rediscover the Power of Time

We believe in giving back. In fact our very name is inspired by our desire to do so.

One way we give back is through our partnership with charity: water and our ‘One Watch, One Life project.’

Every watch bought from Time Rediscovered funds clean water for one person in the developing world.

That means that when you buy your next vintage watch, you will be rediscovering the value of time for yourself, while also giving the gift of time to someone else.

Because access to clean water doesn’t just mean healthier, happier families, it means families with more time on their hands.

In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, women spend 16-million hours a day collecting water. Children spend 4-million hours. Buying a watch from us gives one person this time back - time to go to school, time to set up a business, time to do whatever they choose.

Thank you for helping us do our part and bringing one person clean water in partnership with charity: water.
To learn more about the amazing work of charity: water and the cause they support, visit them here (we'd highly recommend watching the intro video - its well worth your time!).
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