Our Triple Guarantee

Quality & Authenticity Guaranteed as Standard

When buying a luxury vintage watch, it’s imperative to remember that a premium price tag alone doesn’t necessarily denote authenticity or condition.  

Thankfully, at Time Rediscovered, these are the last things you need to worry about when buying your luxury vintage watch. Our unique triple guarantee ensures that every watch you purchase from us is vetted for authenticity, protected by a comprehensive warranty and is priced competitively. 


Guaranteed Watch Authenticity

Unlike other luxury and vintage watch vendors, we have each of our watches vetted for authenticity not once, but twice. Our in-house experts meticulously check each watch we make available for purchase against years of professional experience. To further guarantee the authenticity of our vintage timepieces, we then have each watch checked again by our independent expert watchmakers.


Competitively Priced as Standard 

When buying a vintage watch, it’s no secret that in order to cover their high running costs, traditional vendors and dealers often have to charge 10% - 40% above what is considered a fair market price. Thankfully, we don’t do this. At Time Rediscovered, we pass on the benefits of our leaner business model and profit margins to each of our customers. In this way, we are able to bring you the finest vintage timepieces for at least 10% less than traditional dealers. In fact, by buying directly from us, many of our customers save a staggering 25% - 40%!


One Year Comprehensive Warranty

Vintage watches can be temperamental things. So when you buy one you want to be sure that your watch arrives in perfect working order and in the unlikely event something does go wrong, you can have it repaired without cost. This is why we provide a one year warranty on every purchase. This covers you against problems which might arise due to mechanical issues and helps you make a more responsible purchase with every watch you buy from us. (T&C’s apply). Click here for more detailed warranty information.