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Two Ways To Sell Your Watch

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Cash Deal

With our instant cash deal, we make sure that you get paid the same day. 9 out of 10 customers who sell their watch with us choose this option, and it is easy to see why!

Simply complete the form by clicking "Get Started" and receive your cash offer within 24 hours.

Sale On

Looking to squeeze every penny out of the deal? Our customers get, on average, 5% more when they choose to sell with us on consignment.

Let us do the work; we'll sell the watch on your behalf, and once it's sold you'll get the full amount minus our small commission fee.

What’s the deal with dealers?

It could be a great one, but it’s very difficult to know and that’s the big risk you take.

Time Rediscovered

At Time Rediscovered, the seller comes first


Get up to 30% more! Get totally honest advice about the value of your watch and the best price you can get for it


You’ll get paid within 24 hours of us receiving your watch


We’re completely risk free and guarantee safety and security


We’ll do all the work, whether you sell your watch directly to us or have us sell it for you on consignment

Selling with dealers

High business margins mean low offers for you


Having to travel to a specific store/location

Flaky Service

Often unfriendly or intimidating service

Low-ball offers

Often low-ball offers plucked out of the air

Dealer-first approach

Only interested in helping you in if it suits them


It's free! We don't charge any money for our sourcing service and instead make a small margin when we sell the watch. If you choose not to accept any options we sent through there is ZERO to pay.

No problem! We're a friendly bunch and are always happy to guide you through the mine field that is vintage watches! We never hard sell and give you honest and transparent advice. We'll even send you to our competitors if we think that's the best solution for you!

It's very much about supply in the market and among our contact base. We've been known to source watches in less than an hour but sometimes it can take several weeks or even months. Get in touch and we can give you a realistic idea specific to what you're looking for.

Absolutely! Alot of the watches we source are year specific. Be it for a special birthday, anniversary or birth year, we can help you find the perfect example from a specific year.

Yes all the watches we source are covered by our normal 1 year warranty meaning if you run into any trouble with them we'll happily help you fix it!

Unfortunately for sourced watches you cannot view them in person before you buy them. This is because we purchase them to order and the low margins we work to means we'd lose money if we had to goto the cost of marketing and selling them as with our in-stock watches. That said, we do provide extensive photos and videos so you can see exactly what you're getting before you commit.



Based on 68 Reviews


D. J.

Cartier Tank

Couldn't be happier with the Cartier Tank that was sourced, great price and reassurance, exactly what you want when you're investing in a watch to last you a lifetime.



D. A.

IWC 18k Pink Gold Case

The level of service and help I received compared with other companies I spoke to was phenomenal and I have already asked Nick to help me find another watch.



Jim C.

Omega Seamaster De Ville Ref. 166.020

The watch is in beautiful condition and exactly what I was after. I’m happy to recommend the sourcing service Time Rediscovered provides.



K. Eddy

Omega Speedmaster, 105.003

A pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending Time Rediscovered - a rare find!



G. Gay

Rolex GMT II, 16700

These guys sourced the Rolex for a lot cheaper than any direct retailer and gave honest and straightforward advice. Highly recommend and I would certainly use them again.




Omega Seamaster De Ville Ref. 166.020

Nick sourced the Omega Seamaster De Ville I was looking for. Watch is top quality and serviced. Strongly recommended!